Bolivia (Plurinational State of Bolivia, Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Bulivya Mamallaqta, Wuliwya Suyu) has recognized the Republic of Macedonia under the constitutional name.

Bolivia's government has decided to use the Republic of Macedonia's constitutional name in future bilateral communications.

Bolivia was the first country from the South American continent to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Macedonia.

Bolivia is now the 131 country using the term Republic of Macedonia.

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Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, the Republic of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe Rhodesia) has recognized the Republic of Macedonia under the constitutional name.

The countries' governments established diplomatic relations.

Zimbabwe is the 130th country which has recognized the Republic of Macedonia under the constitutional name.

Macedonia has established diplomatic ties with a total of 162 countries.

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Syria (Syrian Arab Republic, الجمهورية العربية السورية, Al-Jumhūriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah as-Sūriyyah) and the Republic of Macedonia (Република Македонија), yesterday in New York during the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly, established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.

Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Muallem, has signed a joint communique, which under the UN protocol will be distributed to all member countries.

"Relations between the two countries, according to a communique will be developed according to the principles of mutual respect, friendship, and recognition of territorial integrity and sovereignty of both countries. Moreover, this act will open broad opportunities for cooperation between Syria and Macedonia in all spheres of mutual interest" said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The initiative to establish official diplomatic ties with Damascus was launched in April 2007, during an official visit to Syria by Mr. Milososki.

Syria is the 129 th country to officially recognize the constitutional name of Macedonia.

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Macedonia timeless

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Speaking Clock

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Here is a link for you to download an application I have just found, it is a speaking clock which tells the time in various languages including Macedonian.

Here is the link to download the application "Speaking clock": Speaking clock link
And this is the download link for the Macedonian language: Macedonian language link

First, you have to download the Speaking clock, then install it, after that, download the Macedonian language file and just run it and it will install.

The application is free! On the official website you can also find a deluxe (paid) version.

This is the official website for the application:

I recommend this application, I tried it and really like it.

Now this is a song in Macedonian for the Macedonians that had been expatriated from their homes in Greece. For the horrifying exodus that happened after the south Macedonia belonged to Greece in 1913.
A very sad one...

Постојам - I exist

Успешно ги скроив сите рани кои ги прави
таа коба длабоко во тебе.
With victory I tailored cuts that once were bleeding by the evil that you hide.

Онемев за твоите зборови за твоите немири
да ништиш мое сé
I stand mute before your restelesness that hunts you to destroy everything of mine.

Собирав љубов небесна...
Gathering love from Heavens

Собрав и снага да те гледам.
I gathered the strength to keep on watching

Можам да кажам сега, остана сé, зад мене.
Now I can say I've left all of it back and behind...


Простено е сé,
I forgive you all,

од ова срце повтор штом те сретне.
with this heart of mine you won't see it moan.

Простено ти е ,
I forgive you all,

и твојта желба да ме нема веќе.
and your passion, urge, to see me gone.

разбрав како да живеам...

...Growing up,
now I know how to live on...