Now this is a song in Macedonian for the Macedonians that had been expatriated from their homes in Greece. For the horrifying exodus that happened after the south Macedonia belonged to Greece in 1913.
A very sad one...

Постојам - I exist

Успешно ги скроив сите рани кои ги прави
таа коба длабоко во тебе.
With victory I tailored cuts that once were bleeding by the evil that you hide.

Онемев за твоите зборови за твоите немири
да ништиш мое сé
I stand mute before your restelesness that hunts you to destroy everything of mine.

Собирав љубов небесна...
Gathering love from Heavens

Собрав и снага да те гледам.
I gathered the strength to keep on watching

Можам да кажам сега, остана сé, зад мене.
Now I can say I've left all of it back and behind...


Простено е сé,
I forgive you all,

од ова срце повтор штом те сретне.
with this heart of mine you won't see it moan.

Простено ти е ,
I forgive you all,

и твојта желба да ме нема веќе.
and your passion, urge, to see me gone.

разбрав како да живеам...

...Growing up,
now I know how to live on...