The days of the week - Деновите во седмицата /Denovite vo sedmicata/

Day - Ден /Den/
Days - Денови /Denovi/
Week - Седмица /Sedmica/
Weekend - Викенд /Vikend/

Monday -
Понеделник /Ponedelnik/
Tuesday - Вторник /Vtornik/
Wednesday - Среда /Sreda/
Thursday - Четврток /Chetvrtok/
Friday - Петок /Petok/
Saturday - Сабота /Sabota/
Sunday - Недела /Nedela/

What day is it today? - Кој ден е денес? /Koj den e denes?/
Today is Monday - Денес е понеделник. /Denes e ponedelnik./


  1. bill tosheff // December 30, 2009 at 2:22 AM  

    Always wanting to learn more Macedonian words. Love to have somebody respond. Much appreciated. Go to that's me. Just call me tosh....san diego, california