Why learn Macedonian?

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There are so many reasons why you should learn Macedonian language, for example:

1. Macedonian is spoken by 2 million people in the Republic of Macedonia, and also by Macedonian minority in the neighbor countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia, and by the Macedonian diaspora in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

2. If you can speak or understand Macedonian you would be also understood in Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Macedonia is closely related to the languages spoken in those countries as they are from the same linguistic group (South Slavic).

3. Learning Macedonian you would have the opportunity to learn more about an ancient nation, its culture, traditions and history, from Alexander the Great till today.

4. Knowing Macedonian you can follow the daily news and politics in all Slavic speaking Balkan countries.

5. You will learn another alphabet, the Cyrillic. Macedonian uses Cyrillic. But don't be afraid at all, it is a very easy alphabet to learn and use. All characters that are written are pronounced and it will be very easy for you to read and write.

6. There is not a case system, making it Macedonian even easier. And Macedonian has regulated stress, which means you won't have any problems with the accent.

Just there are so many reasons why you should start learning Macedonian. I encourage you to start learning it right now! I'm here to help you with any problem you might have!!!!!

Just enjoy learning an ancient nation language! Enjoy learning Macedonian!


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