Macedonian is official language of the Republic of Macedonia and is an Indo-European language from the family of Slavic languages which belongs to the South-Slavic group. At the same time, it is a Balkan language.

It was established as the official language of the Republic of Macedonia at the First Session of the Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia, held on August 2, 1944. The closest relative of Macedonian language is Bulgarian. Macedonian Standard language is based on the central variants of the western dialects, although there are other dialects (variants).

The Macedonian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet. There are 31 sounds in the Macedonian language. In the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet, there is one symbol for each sound, that is, there are as many letters as sounds /31/, which means it is completely phonetic. Spelling in Macedonian is not difficult since there is one symbol for each sound. That's why Macedonian is one of the easiest languages to learn to read and write.

The Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet has 31 letters that correspond to the 31 sounds (5 vowels and 26 consonants).

The Letters of the Macedonian alphabet are:

А а , Б б , В в , Г г , Д д , Ѓ ѓ , Е е , Ж ж , З з , Ѕ ѕ , И и ,

Ј ј , К к , Л л , Љ љ , М м , Н н , Њ њ , О о , П п , Р р ,

С с , Т т , Ќ ќ , У у , Ф ф , Х х , Ц ц , Ч ч , Џ џ , Ш ш .

In this video you can hear and see every letter how is pronounced and how is written: