Ok, there are some prepositions in Macedonian, if you want to ask me for another preposition in Macedonian feel free to leave a comment and ask me...

без /bez/ = without
близу /blizu/ = near
додека, дo /dodeka, do/ = to, until
долж /dolz/ = along
под /pod/ = under
пред /pred/ = in front of
зад /zad/ = behind
помеѓу /pomegu/ = between
над /nad/ = on top of, above, over
вон /von/ = outside of, beyond
кон /kon/ = toward
кај /kaj/ = at
покрај /pokraj/ = by, beside, near, alongside
накрај /nakraj/ = at the end of
низ /niz/ = through
меѓу /megu/ = among, between
на /na/ = on, at
наместо, место /namesto, mesto/ = instead of, in place of
наспроти, спроти /nasproti, sproti/ = opposite
низ /niz/ = downwards
за /za/ = about
од /od/ = from, since
околу /okolu/ = around, about
освен /osven/ = except
по /po/ = per, by
после, по /posle, po/ = after
преку /preku/ = above, over, beyond
при /pri/ = at, over, by
против /protiv/ = against
поради /poradi/ = because of, for the sake of
со /so/ = with, by
слично /slicno/ = similar, like
сред /sred/ = midst, in the middle
дури /duri/ = even, while
во /vo/ = in
наспроти /nasproti/ = in defiance of
внатре /vnatre/ = inside, within
за /za/ = for, after
заради /zaradi/ = because of, due to
зашто /zasto/ = because, since